Glycine (Glycine, abbreviated as Gly) is also known as aminoacetic acid. Its chemical formula is C2H5NO2. It is a white solid at room temperature and pressure.China H&Z® Glycine is the simplest amino acid in the amino acid series. It is not necessary for human body. It has both acidic and alkaline functional groups in molecules. It is ionized in water and has strong hydrophilicity. It belongs to non-polar amino acid, soluble in polar solvents, but insoluble in polar solvents. In non-polar solvents, with high boiling point and melting point, glycine can present different molecular morphologies by adjusting the acidity and alkalinity of aqueous solution.

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China Glycine Factory

Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6

Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6 Basic information:

Chemical Name: Glycine

Standard: USP/FCC

Characteristics: White crystals or crystalline powder, odorless having a peculiar sweetness. It readily solves in water,slightly in ethanol, does not solve in acetone or ethyl ether.

Molecular formula: C2H5NO2

Molecular weight: 75.06

Pacakge: In 25kgs paper bag with polyethylene bags inside; or according to the customer's request.

Shelf life: 2 years, Store in dry and cool place, and keep far away from sunlight.

H&Z® Glycine is used sed as a flavoring or sweetener,in combination with DLalanine or Citric acid,

corrector or buffer for the composition of wine and soft beverage,used as an additive

for the flavor and taste of food,retain its original  color and to provide a source of sweet;

Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6 Specification:

Product Name



Food grade/USP

Shelf Life

2 years




White Crystalline Powder

Assay (%)

98.50 ~101.50

Loss on drying (%)

0.20 max

Residue on ignition (%)

0.10 max

Heavy metal (Pb) (%)

0.001 max

Arsenic (%)

0.0001 max


Free soluble in water


0.1ppm max

Sulfate (SO4) (%)

0.006 max

Chloride (Cl) (%)

0.007 max

Melting point (℃)

240 (dec.)(lit.)

PH Value

5.50 ~ 7.00

Lead (%)

0.0005 max

Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6 Function:

1. L-Glycine is used as a flavoring, sweetener and nutritional supplement.

2. L-Glycine is applied in alcoholic beverage, animal and plant food processing.

3. L-Glycine is applied in the making of salted vegetables and sweet jams.

4. L-Glycine is also as an additive for the making of salted sauce, vinegar and fruit juice, in order to improve the flavor and the taste of food and increase the nutrition of food.

5. Glycine powder is used as a preservative for fish flakes and peanut jams and stabilizer for cream, cheese etc.

6. Glycine powder is used as a buffering agent for the taste of edible salt and vinegar.

Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6 Applications:

1.Main usage of food-grade glycine

(1)Glycine can be used in Alcoholic beverage,used as an acid corrector or buffer for the composition of wine and soft beverage, used as an additice for the flavor and taste of food.

(2)Glycine can be used as an antiseptic agent for fish flakes and peanut jams.

(3)Glycine can play a buffering rolein the taste of edible salt and vinegar.

(4)Glycine can be used in food processing, brewing process,meat processing and soft beverage formulas as well as in Saccharin sodium in order to remove bitterness.

2.Main usage of pharma–grade glycine

(1)Glycine can be used in the research on the metabolism of amino acids by medical organisms or on a biochemical asis;

(2)Glycine can be used as a buffer for aurcomycin,as a raw material for making L-dopa for treating Parkingson disease,Vitamin B6and other amino acids as Threonine;

(3)Glycine can be used as the raw material for cephslosporins, he intermediate for Thiamphenicol and etc.

3.Main usage of tech-grade glycine

(1)Glycine can be used as an additive to the galvanizing solution.

(2)Glycine can be used as a PHregulator.

(3)Glycine can be used as an intermediate of pesticides,e.g.a key raw material for herbicide Glyphosate.

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