Beta-D-Fructopyranose provided by H&Z® manufacturer is the monosaccharide, dried, ground, and of high purity. High-fructose corn syrup is a mixture of glucose and fructose as monosaccharides. Sucrose is a compound with one molecule of glucose covalently linked to one molecule of fructose. All forms of fructose, including fruits and juices, are commonly added to foods and drinks for palatability and taste enhancement, and for browning of some foods, such as baked goods. About 240,000 tonnes of crystalline fructose are produced annually.

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beta-D-Fructopyranose/Fructose CAS:57-48-7

D(-)-Fructose Chemical Properties




Melting point;119-122°C (dec.)(lit.)

alpha;-92.25º(c=10,H2O,on dry sub.)

Boiling point;232.96°c (rough estimate)


Refractive index;-92°(c=4, h2o)

Solubilityh2o: 1 m at 20°c, clear, colorless

Pka;pka (18°): 12.06

Ph;5.0-7.0 (25℃, 0.1m in h2o)

Optical activity;[α]20/d 93.5 to 91.0°, c = 10% in h2o

Water Solubility ;3750 g/L (20ºC)

Fructose CAS:57-48-7 Introduction

Crystalline fructose is a processed sweetener derived from corn that is almost entirely fructose. It can also be made from sucrose (table sugar) by splitting the fructose and glucose molecules. Crystalline fructose consists of at least 98% pure fructose, any remainder being water and trace minerals.

Fructose CAS:57-48-7 Specification:

Basis Correspond to USP41 CP2015
Appearance White crystalline powder White crystalline powder Conformity
Solubility Mery soluble in water, soluble in ethanol Vfery soluble in water, soluble in ethanol Conformity
Indentification : Conformity Conformity Conformity
Infrared absorption
Color of solution Conformity Conformity Conformity
Acidity w 0.5ml 0.32ml Conformity
Loss on drying < 0.5% 0.05% Conformity
Residue on ignition < 0.5% 0.02% Conformity
Chloride < 0.018% <0.018% Conformity
Sulfate < 0.025% <0.025% Conformity
Arsenic w 1ppm < 1ppm Conformity
Calcium and < 0.005% <0.005% Conformity
Heavy metals w 5ppm <5ppm Conformity
Limit of Conformity Conformity Conformity
Assay 98.0-102.0% 100.60% Conformity
Conclusion Conformity

Fructose CAS:57-48-7 Function:

1.Low calorie

Crystalline Fructose Powder has low calorie which will not lead to elevate blood glucose levels, stimulate insulin secretion and could inhibite excessive storage of body fat.

2.Hard crystalline

Once the Crystalline Fructose Powder is dissolved in the food, it will not easy to crystallize. Sweetness.The sweetness of Crystalline fructose is 1.8times of sucrose.

3. Flavor enhancer

The flavour of crystalline fructose releases before the glucose and sucrose. And it will mask the fragrance of fruit.

4. Reduce the freezing point

The crystalline fructose has the ability of reducing the freezing point. Therefore, it is widely used in frozen food to enchance the taste.

Fructose CAS:57-48-7 Application

This series machine is Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine, it’s suitable for all kinds of liquid or viscous material which with low or high viscosity. It’s widely used in food, jam, cosmetics,chemical insustries and etc.Such as cream puff,chemical industries and etc.Such as cream puff, mayonnaise,fruit jam, chocolate, butter, bath foam, shampoo, face foam,ointment,shoe cream, toothpaste and etc.

1. In beverages, beers and dairy products

Fructose has a lower moderate sweet, comfort feeling, lower freezing points and good chemical stability. So it is widely used in beverages, beers cold drinks and dairy products.

2. In Bakery Food Industry

Fructose has lower hygroscopicity and higher moisture retention which can keep the Bakery Food has a nice light texture. Besides, for its high fermentability, it is very popular in the in bakery food industry.

3. In other food industry

Fructose also can be use in jelly, fillings of the mooncakes, dehydrated vegetable, ham sausage, soy sauce and instant noodles.

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