As a member of the B group of vitamins,China H&Z® riboflavin is slightly soluble in water, soluble in sodium chloride solution and easily soluble in dilute sodium hydroxide solution.

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China H&Z® Riboflavin Factory

Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 CAS:83-88-5

Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 Chemical Properties



Melting point:290°C (dec.)(lit.)

Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 Introduction:

Vitamin B2 (chemical formula: C17H20N4O6, formula 376.37), also known as riboflavin, is slightly soluble in water and stable when heated in neutral or acidic solutions. It is the component of the flavonoid auxiliary group in the body (the flavonoid plays the

role of hydrogen transfer in the biological REDOX). When it is lacking, it will affect the biological oxidation of the body and cause metabolic disorders. The lesions are mainly manifested as inflammation of the mouth, eyes and external genitalia, such as

keratitis, labitis, glossitis, eye conjunctivitis and scrotitis, etc., so this product can be used for the prevention and treatment of these diseases. The storage of vitamin B2 in the body is limited, so it should be provided daily by diet. Two properties of vitamin B2 are the main causes of its loss: (1) can be destroyed by light; (2) It can be destroyed by heating in

alkali solution.

Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 Specification:





A yellow or orange yellow crystalline powder





Acidity or alkalinity

Check the color of the test solution after adding the respective solutions



Absorbance of the filtrate at 440nm does not exceed 0.025 (USP);


not more than intense than BY6 (EP/BP)



0.31~0.33 A373nm/A267nm


0.36~0.39 A444nm/A267nm


Particle size

100% passes through 80 mesh sieve


Specific rotation

Between -115°and -135°




Loss on drying



Heavy metals



Residue on ignition





Organic volatile impurities

Method IV <467>(USP)


Assay (on dry basis)





Conclusion: The product complies with BP2008/EP5/USP32standard


Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 Function:

The main physiological function of vitamin B2 is to promote metabolism as a coenzyme. H&Z® Riboflavin binds to phosphoric acid and a molecule of protein to form a flavin enzyme. These enzymes, also known as dehydrogenases, are important in mediating the transfer of hydrogen to the metabolism of sugars, fats, and amino acids. It is essential for the growth of many animals and microorganisms.

Vitamin B2 binds to specific proteins to form xanthase. Yellow enzyme plays a role in the transfer of hydrogen in the metabolism of substances and participates in the respiratory process of tissues.


Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 Application

1.Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 can accelerate the growth and regeneration of cells.

2.Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 can accelerate the growth of the skin, nails, the hair.

3.Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 helps eliminate the inflammation of the mouth, lips and tongue.

4.Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 can enhance the eyesight and reduce fatigue of the eye.

5.Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 interaction with other materials can help the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

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