Don't Have Any Misunderstanding Of Plant Extracts

- 2021-10-09-

Little fairies might plant extracts of natural and artificial extraction have a misunderstanding, think natural is the best, because of the natural, artificial do manual intervention, not natural, with plant extracts products, it is better to go directly to use plants around the mouth, but everyone can understand the logic, but it's not like that, now of the science and technology could have the natural things become more perfect, if you don't believe, can do a experiment, can explain this truth with royal jelly, royal jelly is the big thing, the most fresh royal jelly, of course, is the best and strongest activity. Buying fresh royal jelly is of course the best, but it will be frozen if you don't finish eating it. Freezing and storing royal jelly is a common method, but you should take it out every time you eat it, and then put it back. After such a cold one hot enough a few times over the activity of royal jelly have dropped perhaps and active with only fifty percent of the time.

But now there's a technique to dry royal jelly, like the world turned into a fruit and vegetable chop. It contains almost no water in it. It's made into a piece and eaten dry, so you don't have to store it in the fridge. Maybe, the consumer also has the illusion that the fresh royal jelly is the best it's not the best when it's air-dried but it's not, it's easy to keep the raw stuff that's been treated this way. And it retains at least 90 percent of its activity. No loss of activity due to repeated freezing.

It is the same with plants. The technology has been more and more developed, which can make the natural things more perfect long ago. Just like the truth of royal jelly, if you want to use natural things, you may not be able to handle them well. Just like the raw materials of natural cosmetics, the process of processing may be self-defeating, so let science and technology handle it. Modern technology extracts the active ingredients in plants, avoids the pollution generated in the process of self-treatment, and better preserves the natural plants, concentrates the effective substances, and lets them play a greater role, which is the sublimation of plant life.

Therefore, do not have any misunderstanding to the plant extract, natural is not the top, I believe that our technology after processing, extraction time delimits part, take the essence, discard the dreg, we are delicate women, must insist, must live delicate. We must also use the essence.