Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

H&Z® Ginkgo Biloba Extract is an ancient and primitive relic species that has grown on the earth for about 200 million years and is known as "living fossil". China is the hometown of ginkgo. At present, China's ginkgo resources account for 70% of the world.Ginkgo biloba is known as longevity fruit. It is used in Chinese folk medicine as a Chinese herbal medicine.

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China H&Z® Ginkgo Biloba Extract Factory

Ginkgo Biloba Extract CAS NO:90045-36-6

Ginkgo biloba extract Introduction:

H&Z® Ginkgo biloba extract (Gbe) and two ingredients, bilobalide and ginkgolide B, are presented to the CSWG as part of a review of botanicals being used as dietary supplements in the United States. ( 1 of 3 adults in the United States are now taking dietary supplements ).

Gbe is a well defined product, and it or its active ingredients, the ginkgolides, especially ginkgolide B, and bilobalide, have clearly demonstrated biological activity. It can be consumed in rather large doses for an extended period of time. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, Gbe can be sold legally if it is not labeled or accompanied by any therapeutic or health claims. Herbal remedies can be labeled with descriptions of their role in affecting physiological structure or function, but must be labeled with a disclaimer that the product has not been evaluated for cure, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Ginkgo is one of the oldest living tree species. Most ginkgo products are made with extract prepared from its fan-shaped leaves.

The most helpful components of ginkgo are believed to be flavonoid glycosides, which have powerful antioxidant qualities, and Terpenoid lactones, which help improve circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the "stickiness" of platelets.

Ginkgo is commonly available as an oral tablet, extract, capsule or tea. Don't eat raw or roasted ginkgo seeds, which can be poisonous.

Most research on ginkgo focuses on its effect on dementia, memory and pain caused by too little blood flow.

Ginkgo biloba extract Specification:

We can provide you below specificaitons:



Ginkgo biloba extract

Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%

Ginkgo biloba extract

Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%
Total Terpence Lactones≥6%

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract 24/6,
Ginkgolic Acid<5PPM
Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%
Total Terpence Lactones≥6%
Residue on Ignition <0.8%

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract CP2005
Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%
Q/K 0.8~1.5
Total Terpence Lactones≥6%
Ginkgolic Acid<10PPM / 5PPM
Residue on Ignition <0.8%

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract CP2010
Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%
Q/K 0.8~1.2
Total Terpence Lactones≥6%
Ginkgolic Acid<10PPM / 5PPM
Residue on Ignition <0.8%

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract CP2015
Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside≥24%~26%
Q/K 0.8~1.2 I/Q>0.15
Free quercetin≤10.0
Free kaempferol≤10.0
Free isorhamnetin≤4.0
Total Terpence Lactones≥6%,8%-13%
Fructus sophorae glycosides≤20.0
Ginkgolic Acid<10PPM/5PPM

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract USP40
Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside 22%~27%,
Q/K 0.8~1.2
Total Terpence Lactones 5.4~12.00%,
BB 2.60~5.80%
Ginkgolic Acid<5PPM

Ginkgo biloba extract

Total Ginkgo Flavones Glycoside 22%~27%,
Total Terpence Lactones 5.00%-7.00%
BilobalidesBB 2.6%-3.2%
Ginkgolic Acid<5PPM

Water soluble Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract water soluble
Ginkgolic acid<5pm


Product Name

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Latin Name

Griffonia Simplicifolia

Plant Part



Fine powder





Sieve Analysis

95% pass 80 mesh

Moisture Content

NMT 5.0%

Arsenic (As)

NMT 2ppm


NMT 1ppm

Lead (Pb)

NMT 2ppm

Heavy Metals

20ppm Max

Total Plate Count



Negative in 25 g

Yeast & Mold




Staphylococcus Aureus

Negative in 25 g


Ginkgo biloba extract Function:

1.Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Dilating blood vessels, vascular endothelial protection organizations;

2. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Regulating blood lipids;

3. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Protecting low-density lipoprotein;

4. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Improving blood rheology;

5. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Inhibiting PAF(platelet activating factor), thromboxane formation;

6. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Improving memory;

7. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Scavenging free radicals;

8. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Anti-hypoxia;

9. Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder Preventing artery spasm.

Ginkgo biloba extract Application:

1.Food and health care industry:

The flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba leaves have antioxidant properties and can be added as an antioxidant in fats and pastries. The total flavonoids are mostly yellow and have wide solubility, both water-soluble and fat-soluble. Solubility, so total flavonoids can act as a coloring agent. Ginkgo biloba leaves are processed into ultrafine powder and added to food. Ginkgo biloba leaves are ultrafinely crushed and added to cakes, biscuits, noodles, candies, ice cream at 5% to 10% to be processed into ginkgo biloba foods with health care effects.

2.Pharmaceutical industry:

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, Tongmai Shuluo, used for chest paralysis and stroke caused by blood stasis. Symptoms: chest tightness, heart palpitations, strong tongue tongue, and hemiplegia. There are more

than 30 kinds of Ginkgo products in the world. The main dosage forms include: Ginkgo biloba leaves, Ginkgo Oral Liquid, Ginkgolide Injection, Ginkgo Dharma Injection, Ginkgo Ketoester Dropping Pills, Compound Ginkgo Leaf Granules, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, etc. .

3.Daily chemical industry:

The combination of ginkgo biloba extract and skin absorption enhancer can also prevent irritation caused by the adhesive used in external ointment and patch, which can be emulsion, ointment, cream, sol And plaster tape. The skin care products containing GBE on the market mainly include anti-aging facial cleanser, shower gel, lipstick, eye cream and so on.

GBE can also be used in hair growth and hair care products. Adding Ginkgo biloba extract to toothpaste has a certain anti-caries effect.

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