β-Galactosidase is enzyme preparation,can be used for food and feed.

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China β-Galactosidase Factory

Beta-Galactosidase/β-Galactosidase  CAS NO:9031-11-2

Other name:Lactase

Beta-Galactosidase/β-Galactosidase Chemical Properties


Chemical Properties Specification:

Grade:Food additive enzymes and pharm grade.

Appearance:White Powder

Activity:1000ALU/G,2000ALU/G ,5000ALU/G,


Beta-Galactosidase/β-Galactosidase Specifications

Appearance:Almost white powder


Loss on drying(% w/w):≤8.0%



Aerobic Plate Count(cfu/g):≤1000


Escherichia Coli:Not detected in 25g

Yeasts/moulds:Not detected in 25g

Salmonella:Not detected in 25g

Beta-Galactosidase/β-Galactosidase Function

1. Improve metabolic energy utilization rate of meal like raw material soybean meal, cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal, reduce chyme viscosity, improve animal production performance and increase feed/gain ratio.

2. Completely degrade oligosaccharide of meal like raw materials, reduce nutrients residue in chyme, and increase nutrient utilization rate.

3. Eliminate flatulence, diarrhea of mono-gastric animals, deal to digestive disorders caused by oligosaccharide.

4. Ease or avoid alimentary apparatus compensatory hyperplasia, reduce animal maintenance requirements, improve feed energy valence.

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